For over 20 years, The Alleen Company has hosted Holiday in Lights, a Cincinnati tradition that features about a mile of Christmas lights displayed throughout Sharon Woods in Sharonville. In recent years, the company has partnered with A Child’s Hope International, a non-profit organization that fights global hunger on an increasingly large scale with their program, Hands Against Hunger.

Since 2011, Hands Against Hunger has received enough donations from the generous visitors of Holiday in Lights to feed 385,467 people! While the organization fights hunger locally within the Tri-state area, they also lead worldwide campaigns. According to their website, “this includes food for Haiti, medical supplies for Zambia, fresh water wells in India, shoes to orphans in the Ukraine and to many countries in between.”

By providing 256,156 candy canes, 1,550 dog biscuits and joyous smiles to over 65,000 cars passing through Holiday in Lights, Hands Against Hunger has become part of this local holiday tradition!