Struggling with the details of putting together an event? Getting lost in the finer details? Or overwhelmed by the bigger ones? If you want your large-scale event to go off without a hitch, professional event planning is an absolute must. Throughout Cincinnati, The Alleen Company has been relied upon by event organizer for their event planning needs since 1951. Whether it’s a single evening gala or a multi-day festival, our team has the experience to supply, plan and carry out all of your event rental needs.

Why Do You Need Event Planning?

Why pay for an event planning professional when you’re organizing an event? Surely, it would cut costs to do it yourself, with your own team and your own supplies. After all, how hard can it be? Unfortunately, the answer to that is “extremely”. Putting together an event of any size needs a lot of thought put into it, even before you start doing the physical work.

Planning an event means needing to account for the number of guests, the amount of food (often including different dietary requirements), drinks and whether or not you’ll need alcohol or alternative options, music, lighting, tents, chairs, tables, silverware, hosts, entertainment…the list goes on. Not to mention that these will all depend on the type of event you’re looking to host.

You would also need to think in broader terms than just the details of the event. Remember that a fundraiser or gala, or a corporate retreat or event is often organized with a specific goal in mind. Whether it’s team-building for staff, raising money for a cause, or bringing in new business, you need your guests to be impressed. Creating a lasting impression is what really makes your event stand out.

The Alleen Company Deals with the Finer Details

At The Alleen Company, we don’t just do event planning – we also take care of the finer details so that you don’t have to. We can supply all the right things to make the look of your event consistent.

We offer a wide variety of tents, as well as tables and chairs, grills, dance floors, staging, glassware and china, linens, serving equipment and much more. This means that you won’t need to worry about where you can find the right supplies that will much the look and feel of your event.

The Alleen Company doesn’t just have the experience for planning and organizing. We also have an eye for design and detail! We want to impress your guests as much as you do, and we’ll work with you to create the perfect ambiance.

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The Alleen Company has helped plan some of Cincinnati’s major events like The Taste of Cincinnati, Oktoberfest Zinzinnati or The Cincinnati Flower Show. If you’re looking for a professional event specialist and a place for tent rental, table rentals, chair rentals and more, we’re your one-stop shop. Contact Cincinnati’s premier event management company today.